Winter Journey Part I — Untethered

We are voyagers, now, who have left shore with a destination in mind that is not “home,” but we have not yet accepted that our “ship” is, in fact, home. It is a feeling of being untethered. Not aimless or “homeless.” Sure, it is freedom. But is a new kind of freedom, like the fledgling trying its wings and not sure how far it can really go.

lose-sight-of-shoreOn a classic autumn afternoon in Geneseo, NY, Cindy and I pulled out of the driveway in our pickup truck with our 27-foot 5th wheel RV, Sunnybrook, and 3 miniature dachshunds. Hate to be a cliche, but heading west. We will spend the winter at the Harmony and Health Foundation’s land west of Tucson, Arizona (off the Ajo Highway). Our daughter has been living and working there for a year, so we will have time with her as well as time in a warmer climate in lower latitudes. Yes, we will be living, with 3 miniature dachshunds, in our 200 square-foot RV in the Sonoran Desert as members of an intentional community focused on sustainable living practices. How long and what happens next? We will wait and see!

Our horses are down to 4 animals, all boarded with friends in Western New York for the winter. So we know they will be happy and plump this winter and can join us next spring. We miss them already, but couldn’t see driving two trucks and two trailers with horses, hay, water, etc.!

Today it is raining in Hornell, NY, and we will soon be on our way to northern Ohio to visit friends. Then a few days exploring the Lexington, KY, area before pointing our headlights west towards St. Louis and the Mississippi River.

We leave behind our “shore,” the places and people we know in Western New York. We will discover new lands—new to us—and make new friends as we go. Bon voyage!

3 thoughts on “Winter Journey Part I — Untethered”

  1. Bon Voyage, Happy Trails, Adieu, Adios, Welcome to our World, Gluckliche Reise, etc. etc.

    Thanks for letting us ride along as you begin your new chapter.
    Love, Dave and Sue

  2. Welcome to the world of travel! It is a grand lifestyle:) We looking forward to seeing you both this winter when we arrive in Tucson.

    We are taking care good care of Dave and Sue…or is it the other way around!!

    Safe travels:)

  3. Drove by your house yesterday and scrutinized that empty driveway…no horse trailer, no 5th wheel. When I came home from shopping I let Cliff know…”they are gone!!!!”. Kinda sad, guys. Wishing you a great adventure.

    PS – you didn’t mention LEO!!!

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