Pond Webdesigns

Well, it has been almost 2 months since my first post.  Probably an average or below average interval for new bloggers.  Best to look forward and move in that direction, instead of looking back, right?

In these past 7 weeks, I have been busy learning about entrepreneurship and improving my WordPress skills.  I can say for sure what was implicit in that first post — I’ll be launching a business to design and maintain websites using WordPress.   The name of the business will be “Pond Webdesigns,” and in the near future it will be represented online at www.walterpond.com (but don’t go there yet!  nothing to see).

I can share the two websites I have created, and maintain, so far:

www.begainagainrescue.org — online home of the Begin Again Horse Rescue of Lima, NY

www.cpond.com — business website of my wife’s practice as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice.

As I write this post, and outline a draft business plan, I am keeping in mind the statistics from the following article on how much work “freelancers” get from any kind of marketing vs. word-of-mouth referrals.  Freelance Still Runs On Word Of Mouth.  [Spoiler alert: word-of-mouth remains 75%!]



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