Chapter: Next

This is a new blog for a new chapter in my life.  After 12 years, 11 months, and 1 week (but who’s counting?!) I left employment with Thomson Reuters Legal in Rochester, NY.  They needed to reduce personnel costs and the years of service gave me a acceptable severance package and 6 months to decide what is next.  So on December 19, 2014, I said goodbye to some good friends and fine legal publishing team members, but also a 30-minute commute and time away from family and activities I would prefer to be spending time on.

So, what is next?

  • How about taking over barn chores 5 days/week (7 equines in the barn)?
    • Started 12/22/14.
  • How about doing more cooking, household tasks?
    • Started 12/20/14.
  • How about spending more time with my parents and mother-in-law?
    • Started 12/20/14.
  • How about this blog?
    • Starting 1/24/15.
  • How about learning to use WordPress to build websites for family and friends.
    • Started 12/27/14; hope to publish two sites by end of the month.
  • How about looking into some self-employment opportunities?
    • Started 1/20/15. (Just realized; that is right at 30 days after leaving T-R!)

I’ll share updates on all of these activities and other odds-and-ends here.


2 thoughts on “Chapter: Next”

  1. Walter,

    Beautiful start to a new life …love your words about the new endeavors and opportunities that await you! Pat and I are smiling (and really looking forward to reading today’s NEW post.) And for those interested, the website above ( is one of the NEW projects that Walter updated for me in January, 2015. So, you can see some of HIS efforts!

    Cindy and Pat

  2. Walter–
    Congratulations! I too like your wording of your next chapter in life. Looking forward to further installments.
    It’s been a long time — too long — since we had a wee chin wag!

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