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A career with words.  I have been a writer, an editor, a teacher, an ethnographer, and an administrator.  And a few other related roles.  For all of these tasks, words are the methodology, the product, and the currency.  In the past year, since leaving corporate work, I have built my technical word skills through website design with WordPress. You can see my current work in designing and maintaining websites at http:\\webcurating.com.

I continue to be drawn back to words, themselves.  In addition to website design and maintenance, I see businesses and professionals continue to need writing. As others have observed, what used to be “copywriting” by advertisers or the marketing department is now “content writing” and ALL of us are producing “content.”  But some of us want to be lawyers, physicians, CPAs, therapists, or manufacturers. Not writers.

I am one of those writers who can put into words the “content” you have and want your customers, clients, or patients to see and hear.  I am a scribe, in the old sense of the word.  I am not merely copying or transcribing. I am interpreting, refining, and amplifying the message you want your audience to receive. My word products include writing for the web: blog posts, website content, or ebooks and traditional print products: technical documentation, user manuals, research-based reports, or book chapters.

My own writing passion is anthropology. So you will see posts on anthropology here.  I am particularly interested in how the results of anthropological research can be applied to real world problems.

What is your passion or interest?  I would love to hear from you, if I can write for you, build or improve your website, or to talk about writing or anthropology.

Contact me via LinkedIn or via email.