Winter Journey Part III — Living in a Mesquite Bosque

So here we are, in our small RV, sitting in the middle of the Avra Valley of the Sonoran Desert, a 20-minute drive west of Tucson.  The Sonoran Desert is actually a large thing, stretching from Phoenix, AZ, into northern Mexico and across the breadth of Arizona.  But it is not the sand-dunes-desert that may first come to mind when you hear “desert.” That image may fit the Mojave Desert to the west, better.

Winter Journey Part II — Getting There

Ok, so I’m not going to give you a travelogue blog, as you can tell by the absence of posts since October, almost exactly 3 months ago.  Equally obviously, I am still finding how I will use this blog.  Look for some posts on, or inspired by, anthropology. For example, this one. But today, I would like to fill in the gaps in the journey we started on October 28th (of 2015). Continue reading “Winter Journey Part II — Getting There”

Winter Journey Part I — Untethered

We are voyagers, now, who have left shore with a destination in mind that is not “home,” but we have not yet accepted that our “ship” is, in fact, home. It is a feeling of being untethered. Not aimless or “homeless.” Sure, it is freedom. But is a new kind of freedom, like the fledgling trying its wings and not sure how far it can really go. Continue reading “Winter Journey Part I — Untethered”