Winter Journey Part III — Living in a Mesquite Bosque

So here we are, in our small RV, sitting in the middle of the Avra Valley of the Sonoran Desert, a 20-minute drive west of Tucson.  The Sonoran Desert is actually a large thing, stretching from Phoenix, AZ, into northern Mexico and across the breadth of Arizona.  But it is not the sand-dunes-desert that may first come to mind when you hear “desert.” That image may fit the Mojave Desert to the west, better.

Winter Journey Part II — Getting There

Ok, so I’m not going to give you a travelogue blog, as you can tell by the absence of posts since October, almost exactly 3 months ago.  Equally obviously, I am still finding how I will use this blog.  Look for some posts on, or inspired by, anthropology. For example, this one. But today, I would like to fill in the gaps in the journey we started on October 28th (of 2015). Continue reading “Winter Journey Part II — Getting There”

Anthropology, a practical application

In previous, scattered, posts to this blog I have talked about new directions as I slowly change my career and lifestyle. Today I am thinking about moving forward by returning to my original discipline, anthropology. “Cultural anthropology” is the subfield in American anthropology that strives to understand human culture and social organization.  This discipline is frequently perceived as providing accounts of “exotic,” tribal and pre-industrial peoples to contrast with our own culture.  And while this does lead to a fuller understanding of our own lives, anthropology can also contribute solutions to the pressing issues of the twenty-first century: climate change, conflict in the middle east, social and economic change the United States, and systemic poverty in the 3rd world. Continue reading “Anthropology, a practical application”

Winter Journey Part I — Untethered

We are voyagers, now, who have left shore with a destination in mind that is not “home,” but we have not yet accepted that our “ship” is, in fact, home. It is a feeling of being untethered. Not aimless or “homeless.” Sure, it is freedom. But is a new kind of freedom, like the fledgling trying its wings and not sure how far it can really go. Continue reading “Winter Journey Part I — Untethered”

Pond Webdesigns

Well, it has been almost 2 months since my first post.  Probably an average or below average interval for new bloggers.  Best to look forward and move in that direction, instead of looking back, right?

In these past 7 weeks, I have been busy learning about entrepreneurship and improving my WordPress skills.   Continue reading “Pond Webdesigns”

Chapter: Next

This is a new blog for a new chapter in my life.  After 12 years, 11 months, and 1 week (but who’s counting?!) I left employment with Thomson Reuters Legal in Rochester, NY.  They needed to reduce personnel costs and the years of service gave me a acceptable severance package and 6 months to decide what is next.  So on December 19, 2014, I said goodbye to some good friends and fine legal publishing team members, but also a 30-minute commute and time away from family and activities I would prefer to be spending time on.

So, what is next? Continue reading “Chapter: Next”